6 Month Portraits // Harvey

My brother and sister-in-law know how to make one cute babe. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have gotten some serious baby fever because Harvey is 6 months and 6 months is my favorite age for babies. They are happy, content, on a schedule and can’t really move or complain (hah!). That said, every stage with my own girl quickly becomes my favorite stage, but mom’s of toddlers have to totally appreciate the blanket bound babe who can’t say “no”.  I was home in Ohio last month and Easton and I got to hang out with her very first cousin, Harvey. Of course, we had to do a quick session because those chubs won’t last forever and who doesn’t want to stare at those crystal blue eyes all day?! I hadn’t seen this sweet boy since Christmas and loved how smiley and snuggly he was. Josh and Carrie know how to make him squeal with laughter, it’s so fun to watch. They are doing such a great job, love that they are loving it so much! It’s fun to have siblings finally entering the parenting stage with us and that Easton gets cousins to play with. Donnie and I are both from families with 4 and 5 kids so I’m counting on not having to be pregnant every other year and still getting to enjoy lots of little squeals from those little voices. Lots of fun awaiting these kiddos at family get togethers. Hope you enjoy some of these snaps of this adorable family…I’m admittedly totally biased.



Tayler and Ned |Lincoln Park Engagement Session | Chicago Engagement Photography

This Lincoln Park Engagement has me bursting with all the heart eyes. Loved getting to capture Tayler and Ned in Lincoln Park last week. Enjoy some of my favorite snaps from their sweet and sun drenched engagement session! ❤ engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0001engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0005engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0002engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0043engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0003engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0004engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0006engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0007engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0011engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0012engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0008engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0014engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0015engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0009engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0016engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0017engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0018engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0019engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0020engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0022engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0021engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0023engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0024engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0027engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0026engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0029engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0030engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0032engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0033engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0034engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0035engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0036engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0042engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0038engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0039engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0040engagement_chicago_photography_tayler_ned_0041

1 1/2 year old portraits // Charleston, SC

Hello again! Well, 29 weeks pregnant with a 1 1/2 year old sidekick…this is why I have been away from blogging photos for a while. Pregnancy is not glamorous for me, the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy I was throwing up all day, ended up in the hospital and finally put on diclegis to help with nausea…which, thankfully, kicked in. My last pregnancy I really couldn’t eat the whole time so it feels like a gift to have an appetite, and a gift I’ve gladly received, every day, to the point of being told to cut back a bit by the doctor. So far I have still been taking pregnancy roadies when I run errands…aka chocolate ice cream. When I’m trying to get back in shape this fall, just remind me of this post.

We usually head back to Charleston once or twice a year to visit our family we left behind when we moved to Chicagoland 4 years ago. It’s so beautiful. I always wish I could take more photos than I do while I’m visiting, but it’s busy with a toddler. We managed to do a 30 minute hustle shoot to capture some shots of Easton and my growing belly. (Despite being a cloudy evening, I still managed to get some photos that brighten my world and also snapped some of my cousin and her growing baby bump, which I’ll blog later.)

Donnie has been working a crazy work schedule and we have about one month left of being lucky to see him for an hour a day. (cue the sigh…we just miss him and the help he is when he’s around). The last time he did this schedule in the fall, I struggled with feeling lonely, so I planned a couple weeks away from home to make the time go quicker. Although the reason of this trip wasn’t intended to be a “girls trip”, I realized how special this week was for Easton and me. I love that we had time as just the two of us before we welcome her little sister this July. My heart is craving quality time that I can just appreciate her budding little personality and life. Thankful that we were given this week to figure out that sand wouldn’t kill us if it got on our feet and that I can, in fact, keep her out to dinner until 10:30pm and still live to talk about it (thank you iphone, Amazon prime video and creepy Daddy Finger video on Youtube that Easton can’t get enough of). I also learned that as long as we have an extra seat next to us on a flight, we are good. Won’t be booking her as a lap child anymore…especially at 28 weeks pregnant. What was I thinking? blah blah blah, Ok, I’ll stop writing and just post some pics: (Special thanks to my cousin Heidi who snapped the photos of Easton and me). easton_charleston_1795easton_charleston_1789easton_charleston_1792easton_charleston_1793easton_charleston_1791easton_charleston_1801easton_charleston_1797easton_charleston_1788easton_charleston_1804easton_charleston_1794easton_charleston_1790easton_charleston_1798easton_charleston_1796easton_charleston_1799easton_charleston_1787easton_charleston_1800easton_charleston_1805easton_charleston_1802

Wheaton Family Photographer // St. James Farm Family Session

We had a beautiful fall evening for this family’s photo session at St. James Farm! Photographing a family with three little ones presents its own set of challenges…every. single. time. Never fails. Always need bribes. With the crazy of a photo shoot, I love when parents just embrace their little ones where they are at and don’t try to make it perfect…(I know I say this regularly, but it is so true.) I appreciated how this sweet family just kept on loving on the kiddos even if it meant enduring some melt downs about grass or rocks in sandals :). Regardless of emotional obstacles for 70% or sometimes the average of 90% of the time, when the parents have fun with it and one another, we still wind up with some beautiful memories…and a few with gummy bears in them. (NOTE: if you are a parent prepping for a family session, remember to love on your hubby well during the session, bring bribes of all flavors, shapes and sizes for those kiddos (you can bribe you spouse too if they struggle with a shoot – I’ll let you be creative). Do whatever you have to do to distract and love on those little love bugs and just keep on smiling.

But back to this beautiful family:

Photographing this crew was a reminder of God’s faithfulness and answered prayers. Looking at these images you’d never know that their littlest munchkin had open heart surgery in June. My heart just broke for her little precious little self, her family, and especially her sweet mama as they had to anticipate the surgery. I can’t imagine having to see your little one on an operating table or just having to live through the turmoil of the what ifs leading up to surgery. Thankfully everything went well and she is doing wonderful!

Thanks for letting me capture these precious moments of your family! You guys are incredible. I loved seeing the kids love each other so well and how you both, as parents, had heart eyes for one another and each individual, beautiful child you brought into this world. You are such an inspiration to all of us trying to do this family thing right. familysession_wheaton_1765familysession_wheaton_1766familysession_wheaton_1762familysession_wheaton_1763familysession_wheaton_1764familysession_wheaton_1767familysession_wheaton_1768familysession_wheaton_1769familysession_wheaton_1770familysession_wheaton_1771familysession_wheaton_1772familysession_wheaton_1773familysession_wheaton_1774familysession_wheaton_1775familysession_wheaton_1776


Easton’s First Birthday Party / A Sweet Time

I was so honored to have this party also shared on 100 Layer Cakelet.

For Easton’s party, we wanted to share an afternoon with the friends and family who helped us survive our first year as parents. The whole first year rocked our world in the best of ways and celebrating Easton’s life at her birthday party was pure joy. I am smitten with all things stripes and floral so we went with decor that worked with those elements. I worked on some floral wreaths to hang on the backdrop Donnie built out of bead board. I also got my walnut stain out and white paint pens and went to town making some fun wood signage to place around the space that highlighted her life and different areas. (I would’ve gone to our go-to Sara Vrooman Designs, but she just had her third baby!…So crafting I went! The weeks leading up to the party, my sister, mom, husband and I made all our favorite family cookie recipes: buckeyes, raspberry shortbread, mini cheesecakes, chocolate bottom cupcakes, pillow cookies and chocolate chip cookies.  One of my best, most talented friends has a party goods business (Miss Nibbit) and made the invites, favor bags and tags, black and white signage, cupcake toppers and drink tags for the “big girl” cosmos. We served hamburgers and hot dogs, and traditional midwestern sides, like uber yum, super unhealthy cheesy potatoes, for our backyard BBQ. I thought with all the planning I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Easton’s party, but thanks to our family that came in, and the friends who helped throughout the evening, it was one of the most special days we’ve had with our precious little Easton…and to see her LOVE her cake was hilarious and worth all the love and energy we put into her celebration. 

Bounce House: Fly High Bounce / https://flyhighbounce.com/

Wooden signage: Home Depot and Me

Back drop: Donnie and Home Depot

Floral Wreaths: Hobby Lobby and Me 

Cake: Whole Foods

Cake topper: Let’s Tie The Knot

Cookies: Family

Invitation,Sip Sip tags and bottles,Favor bags and tags,Pour Some Sugar on Me,Sweets and Treats.Cupcake “1” toppers : Miss Nibbit 


Oh- don’t mind our completely morning after – post workout looks. Easton wakes up looking great and photo ready. We take a lot more work…and didn’t put energy into that when I was snagging photos of her the morning after her party. I wish we both looked like her with just the touch of a bow and a cute floral romper. ha!


Lincoln Park Engagement Session // Chicago Photographer // Whitney and Morgan

These two are such a delight to be around! Cannot wait for their wedding next year at Elawa Farm. Enjoy some snaps from their Lincoln Park and North Avenue Beach Engagement session. ❤


A Blueberry Baby Shower // For Carrie

I’ve been pretty excited lately that another baby is coming to the family this October (and I’m particularly excited that I’ll get the snuggles without the all nighters 🙂 ha!) A couple weeks ago, we celebrated my sister-in-law and the little boy she’s been carrying around for more than 30 weeks now. We already love this little one so much and cannot wait to spoil him with lots of attention when he arrives. Carrie, you are SUCH a beautiful mama and I cannot wait to share the journey of motherhood with you as we raise our kiddos together (even if we are 6 hours away). Your patient, sweet, loving and caring heart, your humility and diligence to work hard and learn whatever you need to accomplish the task at hand and your genuine love for God and family are all traits that will have you in the Mother’s Hall of Fame in no time. Baby Grund and our whole family is so blessed to have you. Love you girl! ( Easton is SO excited to meet her very first cousin!!!)

Vendor love: Venue: The Blueberry Patch // “Handpicked for you” tags and “Sure as the Sky is Blue” Sign: Miss Nibbit // Handwritten sign: Sara Vrooman Designs  // Cake and cookies: Bake my Day 


And brother Josh, I love how you glow with Easton…you’re going to be such an amazing papa! Love seeing you love on the babes 🙂 So sweet!