Wheaton Family Photographer | Fabyan Forest Preserve

Caili and I became friends back when we were both still on the DL about being 7 weeks / 8 weeks pregnant with our first girls. We texted every day throughout our pregnancy journey and she even screen shot the entire Baby Wise book to me during a night feed when Easton was 5 weeks old (and I was losing my mind not knowing what I was doing.) It’s been such a gift to have this mom/photographer friend to try and navigate mom life and our photography businesses. She’s a brilliant business gal, super smart, so incredibly talented (you should see her paintings and outfits she’s sewn for her girls), and her kids are screen free…(for the record…mine are not. I only say that because it’s a sign of how much energy and creativity this talented gal has!) I have always loved her photography so it has been so humbling to photograph her family now a second time. I can’t wait to find out what she’s hiding in that cute baby bump of hers and meet and snuggle him or her! Thankful to know this sweet, smiley, brilliant and fun family. Caili and Neil, you two are rocking this parenting thing. You are precious together and I just love seeing the love, patience, spunk and smarts you have that trickles down to your two (almost 3) beauties.  What blessed babes you have! Keep having lots more of these little ones because they add so much light to this world! ❤


Welcome Atlas

I spent some time thinking about what combination of words I would use to write about this family that is overflowing with such  raw and genuine beauty, joy, insane creative genes, strength, boldness, daring, brave souls, love and calm amidst the wild and free. They bring endless joy to the lives of others, celebrating the beauty in life, complete with perfectly strung ball lights. And while all these qualities can feel big, beautiful and outside the lines of normal folk normalcy…their home, their hearts, their family is all perfectly strung together and grounded deep by their mighty unwavering love and wisdom that is rooted in their faith and hope found in Jesus. Daily I’m inspired by them, learning from the ways they parent and instruct their littles’ hearts. It’s clear why this beautiful boy, Atlas, made it past the questions of having a third. I can only imagine the great things God has for his life as he is shaped by and follows the example of the other four souls in his home. It’s a true honor and privilege to photograph this family I am blessed to live right next door to. Atlas, speaking for the four of us over the fence, we can’t wait to watch you grow, hear your laughs, see what God has for you and fill your belly with too many popsicles at dinner time when we are trying to survive witching hour. You’ve been blessed with the best family and we are so happy you’re here!

Welcome to this crazy and beautiful world, Atlas. You are so loved.


Wheaton Newborn Photographer | Alfy is here.

Getting to take pictures of couples who’ve just welcomed their first baby home is always a very sweet experience. I love the quiet and calm that comes when those teeny tiny newborns are sleeping. It’s also true that nothing beats the joy of getting to take pictures of my own newest family members. My amazing sister and brother-in-law, who I adore, are rocking their days as first time parents. They are so supportive, selfless and do an incredible job taking care  of one another. Their love for their little Alfred is contagious. He is such a blessed boy to have them as his parents. They are confident, patient, calm, happy and full of wisdom.. It was precious to watch them interact and think of the other one first as they navigated the long days. I’m proud of them, excited for the example Alfy has in them and thrilled to have another little angel baby in the family!  I was able to meet my perfect little nephew the week before Christmas and then had the chance to go spend a couple days with them in Michigan to help…ALONE, which felt like a mini vacay. I loved getting to snuggle Alfy. give him some bottles and snap some photos. He did a great job modeling…because he’s perfect. hah!  I can’t wait for all the memories that lie ahead of us.


Glen Ellyn Family Photographer // Morton Arboretum // Fall Family photos

I met this family through a mutual friend almost 5 years ago when we moved to Chicagoland. Through facebook and instagram I’ve been able to watch their resilient, inspiring, and powerful story unfold as they’ve journeyed into parenthood.  Their strength through one of the most painful experiences one could only try to imagine has been inspiring to say the least. They have become major advocates for paid family leave (thank you, thank you, thank you) and their story is featured in a documentary called “Zero Weeks.” Anyways, all that to say, you look at this beautiful family and the amount of infectious joy that oozes from them instantly fills you with the warm and fuzzies. I instantly fell in love with their sweet, beautiful and “hilarious” (which is in her vocabularly) little girl. What a gift to have had them move out to the suburbs and an honor to capture their loving, spirited and joyful family dynamic! The love and support they have for one another is palpable. My heart feels so many emotions just thinking about them, what they’ve endured and overcome and how they’ve used their experience to work towards making a difference. Their little girl is a shining light and after hearing her speak one sweet and funny sentence, you know her future is as bright as they come. Loved getting to snap some photos a few weeks ago during our time at Morton Arboretum and I hope you enjoy this glowing glimpse into the love they share.