Baby Coming home session – Naperville, IL

This was probably one of the sweetest experiences I have ever had. This year, I’m doing a “Baby’s First Year” package for little Alexander and after an incredible maternity shoot, I couldn’t wait for this day to arrive. How special it is to bring a new baby into a home! Seeing these two savor every moment from taking Alexander out of the car, to entering the front door, to bringing him into his bedroom for the first time…it melted my heart into a puddle. I could not stop smiling the entire time as I heard them continue to just love on their little treasure.  I adore moments like this and I know they will cherish these captured memories for the rest of their life.

Gill_0239Gill_home-3122editsm Gill_home-3136editsm Gill_0241Gill_home-3169editsmGill_home-3200editsmGill_home-3206editsmGill_home-3247editsmGill_home-3251editsmGill_home-3269editsmGill_0247Gill_home-3296editsmGill_home-3307editsmGill_home-3335editsmGill_home-3336editsmGill_home-3371editsmGill_home-3486editsmGill_home-3525editsmGill_home-3530editsmGill_home-3538editsmGill_home-3559editsmGill_home-3581editsmGill_home-3590editsmGill_home-3593editsmGill_0265Gill_home-3639editsmGill_home-3643editsmGill_home-3664editsmGill_0272Gill_home-3688editsmGill_home-3706editsmGill_home-3718editsmGill_home-3734editsmGill_home-3742editsmGill_home-3745editsmGill_home-3760editsmGill_home-3774editsm

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