Dear Spring, come soon. | Downtown Naperville, IL forest photography session

“…Now by the post-and-rail fences, where the old stones thrown there, pick’d from the fields, have accumulated,
Wild-flowers and vines and weeds come up through the stones, and partly cover them—
Beyond these I pass,
Far, far in the forest, before I think where I go,
Solitary, smelling the earthy smell, stopping now and then in the silence…” -Walt Whitman


My sister in law came to visit us in Naperville this past weekend. With all the grey, white and brown still surrounding us in March, I wanted to capture some color. With the 30 degree heat-wave in Chicago land, Kelly was so sweet to help me throw together an impromptu shoot. Everything about Kelly is beautiful: Her curls, her gentle, goddess look. She is just as stunning as can be and so kind to model for me. I loved having Kelly here. Her bright and caring personality is always such sunshine to my soul.

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