Ayla + Zac | Mansfield, Ohio Wedding

It never fails…I always fall in love with the couples I have the opportunity to spend the most important day of their lives with. Ayla and Zac were no different. They are so sweet and energetic and displayed so much love and respect for all the people involved in their wedding in Mansfield, Ohio. It’s so special to see how love looks on different couples and it looks super dapper on the new Mr. and Mrs. Yard. I can only imagine how their lives will be able to positively impact everyone who lands in their path. Congrats you two! Thank you for letting me witness your big day. Your love is beautiful. XO (A special thanks to Landon Wiles and Emily Jackson for assisting me).AylaZac-17

AylaZac_0581AylaZac_0651AylaZac_0601  AylaZac_0589AylaZac_0603AylaZac_0604 AylaZac_0605  AylaZac_0607 AylaZac_0608  AylaZac_0610AylaZac_0650




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