Sonja + Jordan | Lincoln Park, North Ave. Beach and St. James Farm Engagement session


I had way too much fun getting to capture these lovebirds. Sonja and Jordan are highschool sweethearts, just like Donnie and me. They live  in Chicago but wanted to mix some more outdoorsy shots with their city engagement session. We started at St. James Farm which is one of my favorite places to walk around and just 10 minutes away from where I live in Naperville. The next day we ventured around Lincoln Park. We kicked off our city session with Molly’s Cupcakes (love the sweet swing seats to enjoy the sugar in), walked along the Chicago Riverwalk and then finished at North Ave. Beach. It was literally the first perfect weekend we have had in Chicago since October (I swear!). I couldn’t have spent the weekend with a more beautiful couple. From her flowy skirt to his guitar…every part of this engagement session made me squeal with excitement while I was capturing it. They are amazing. So happy for them and the amazing future that lies ahead of them. Congrats you lovely loves. Thanks for spending your weekend with me.

SonjaJordan_0673 SonjaJordan_0671SonjaJordan_0669

SonjaJordan_0675  SonjaJordan_0681 SonjaJordan_0682SonjaJordan_0680 SonjaJordan_0679 SonjaJordan_0678  SonjaJordan_0676

SonjaJordan_0683 SonjaJordan_0686 SonjaJordan_0685 SonjaJordan_0684

SonjaJordan_0687 SonjaJordan_0692   SonjaJordan_0689 SonjaJordan_0688


SonjaJordan_0698SonjaJordan_0694 SonjaJordan_0697 SonjaJordan_0696  SonjaJordan_0699 SonjaJordan_0700SonjaJordan_0701   SonjaJordan_0704SonjaJordan_0702SonjaJordan_0703SonjaJordan_0705 SonjaJordan_0708SonjaJordan_0711 SonjaJordan_0710   SonjaJordan_0707 SonjaJordan_0706SonjaJordan_0712SonjaJordan_0714SonjaJordan_0716

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