Megan and Chris’ Chicago Engagement Session | Lincoln Park Zoo, North Avenue Beach, Belmont Harbor

Megan and Chris are so sweet together. They laugh constantly and are simply the nicest people you could spend an evening with. We began their engagement session on their front porch in Wrigleyville before heading to Lincoln Park Zoo, North Avenue Beach and Belmont Harbor. I loved their simple and classy outfits and was pumped when we came across some stacked rowboats to sit on at one point (I have a thing for rowboats). They look beautiful together. I can’t wait to capture their wedding day this September.   MeganChris_0752MeganChris_0750MeganChris_0751 MeganChris_0753 MeganChris_0754 MeganChris_0755 MeganChris_0756 MeganChris_0757 MeganChris_0758 MeganChris_0759 MeganChris_0760 MeganChris_0761 MeganChris_0762 MeganChris_0763 MeganChris_0764 MeganChris_0765 MeganChris_0766 MeganChris_0767  MeganChris_0769 MeganChris_0770 MeganChris_0771 MeganChris_0772 MeganChris_0773 MeganChris_0774 MeganChris_0775 MeganChris_0776 MeganChris_0777 MeganChris_0778

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