Outer Banks Photography | Husband + Me



It’s no surprise that my favorite time to be at the beach is the hour prior to the sunset  (I’m a photographer so atmosphere and light are everything to me).  I love the way the water and sand bounce the setting sun making it dreamy and even, I love not having to be caked in sunscreen (and sweat) and I love that everyone else has gathered inside for dinner, leaving the beach for the light lovers. Donnie and I swapped back and forth between holding the camera and snapping photographs of our favorite hour at the beach in the Outer Banks. We are back to reality now, but I’m still dreaming about living back at the beach and scrolling through these photos too much. 🙂

outerbanks_0136          outerbanks_0148 outerbanks_0137outerbanks_0138outerbanks_0139outerbanks_0143  outerbanks_0151outerbanks_0149outerbanks_0140outerbanks_0145  outerbanks_0144

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