Grayson | 4 Month Baby Shoot | Columbia, SC

We were in South Carolina visiting friends and family in Charleston a week ago. During the visit, we made the journey to Columbia where my cousin, Heidi moved after getting married to her sweet husband Stacy. This past May they brought the most adorable little boy into this world and I FINALLY got to meet little Grayson and snap some photos of his perfect little face. He is one loved boy and has such devoted and caring parents. I was filming Heidi rocking him to sleep and singing  to him and started tearing up because it was just so beautiful to watch her be a mom and do such a good job at it. I love her softness, sense of humor, adoration and love she shares with him. Both she and Stacy are so natural as parents and keep him smiling and laughing all day long. Grayson adores both of them…and his grandparents…and his Aunt…and I hope I’m added to the list because I adore him right back.

Grayson_0237Grayson_0232Grayson_0230Grayson_0231Grayson_0233 Grayson_0224 Grayson_0225 Grayson_0226 Grayson_0227 Grayson_0228 Grayson_0229     Grayson_0234


Grayson went down for his nap and Aunt Lindsey was there when he woke up to give him love and snuggles.


Grayson_0235 Grayson_0236


And downstairs, Grayson got some Daddy time with Stacy. I loved seeing Stacy excited for time with Grayson…even after a very long day at work.


Grayson_0239 Grayson_0240


Emma, their boxer, stood watch while Aunt Lindsey gave him a bottle.


Grayson_0241 Grayson_0242


Getting ready for some family photos outside. Outfit change 🙂


Grayson_0246 Grayson_0244Grayson_0245

Grayson_0247 Grayson_0248 Grayson_0249 Grayson_0250 Grayson_0251 Grayson_0252 Grayson_0253 Grayson_0254  Grayson_0256 Grayson_0257 Grayson_0258 Grayson_0259 Grayson_0260  Grayson_0262 Grayson_0261Grayson_0263 Grayson_0264 Grayson_0265 Grayson_0266 Grayson_0267 Grayson_0268 Grayson_0269 Grayson_0270 Grayson_0271 Grayson_0272 Grayson_0273 Grayson_0274 Grayson_0275 Grayson_0276


Grandma Chris was ready to jump right on in and help with a diaper change as soon as we got back from family photos. Chris is the ultimate Grandma. Grayson will have the BEST bedtime stories (and daytime stories) with her around. She is so nurturing and makes you feel super cozy with all she does to love and serve others. I mean…look at how sweet and in love she is with Grayson.


Grayson_0277 Grayson_0278 Grayson_0279 Grayson_0280


Sudsy babies are the best. Especially their cute dimply butts.


Grayson_0281 Grayson_0282 Grayson_0283 Grayson_0284 Grayson_0285 Grayson_0286 Grayson_0287 Grayson_0288 Grayson_0289

Thanks for such a special little getaway, Heidi, Stacy and Grayson. We had so much fun spending time with you and squishing and kissing all of Grayson’s little love chubs. Miss you already.

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