Megan + Chris // Married // Westbrook Country Club Wedding

Megan and Chris were married on a gorgeous fall day in Ohio. The weather couldn’t have been more lovely to compliment the lovely day they put together. I grew up knowing both of their families from the pool and swim team so when Megan’s mom emailed me this past year, I was thrilled! These two families are so wonderful and have amazing friends who all came to shower Megan and Chris with love and support. Megan and Chris have such a fun relationship, always laughing and having a great time together. They are some of the nicest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet and I know they have an amazing future ahead of them, full of deep friendships, laughter and love.

chris_megan_0311 chris_megan_0315chris_megan_0314 chris_megan_0313 chris_megan_0312 chris_megan_0309 chris_megan_0318 chris_megan_0317 chris_megan_0319 chris_megan_0320 chris_megan_0321 chris_megan_0323 chris_megan_0322 chris_megan_0324 chris_megan_0325 chris_megan_0330 chris_megan_0329 chris_megan_0328 chris_megan_0326 chris_megan_0327 chris_megan_0331 chris_megan_0332 chris_megan_0333 chris_megan_0334 chris_megan_0335 chris_megan_0336 chris_megan_0338 chris_megan_0337  chris_megan_0340 chris_megan_0339chris_megan_0341 chris_megan_0342 chris_megan_0344 chris_megan_0343 chris_megan_0348 chris_megan_0349 chris_megan_0350 chris_megan_0346 chris_megan_0347 chris_megan_0351 chris_megan_0353 chris_megan_0352

chris_megan_0424 chris_megan_0422 chris_megan_0359 chris_megan_0356 chris_megan_0355 chris_megan_0358 chris_megan_0360 chris_megan_0361 chris_megan_0362 chris_megan_0425 chris_megan_0363 chris_megan_0364 chris_megan_0365 chris_megan_0366 chris_megan_0367 chris_megan_0368

chris_megan_0369    chris_megan_0400 chris_megan_0373chris_megan_0370chris_megan_0371chris_megan_0399 chris_megan_0374 chris_megan_0375 chris_megan_0376 chris_megan_0377 chris_megan_0378   chris_megan_0381 chris_megan_0379chris_megan_0382 chris_megan_0380chris_megan_0383 chris_megan_0384 chris_megan_0385 chris_megan_0386 chris_megan_0387 chris_megan_0388 chris_megan_0389 chris_megan_0390 chris_megan_0391 chris_megan_0392 chris_megan_0393 chris_megan_0394 chris_megan_0396 chris_megan_0397 chris_megan_0398 chris_megan_0402 chris_megan_0403 chris_megan_0415 chris_megan_0404 chris_megan_0405 chris_megan_0406  chris_megan_0419chris_megan_0421 chris_megan_0418  chris_megan_0414 chris_megan_0417   chris_megan_0412chris_megan_0408chris_megan_0407 chris_megan_0409 chris_megan_0410 chris_megan_0413 chris_megan_0411chris_megan_0404chris_megan_0428chris_megan_0452chris_megan_0426chris_megan_0427chris_megan_0432chris_megan_0430chris_megan_0429chris_megan_0433chris_megan_0434chris_megan_0435chris_megan_0436chris_megan_0439chris_megan_0441chris_megan_0443chris_megan_0445chris_megan_0447chris_megan_0450chris_megan_0453

Venue: Westbrook Country Club | Florals: Mary Cox of Floral Garden Florists  | Make-up: Sara Frantz Artistry | Hair: Amy Schoop

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