Naperville Family Photographer // Abbey Farms // Christmas Tree

Christmas time is my favorite! I love the hunt for a perfect Christmas tree and am thankful we have a great farm close to Naperville for this hunt to actually happen. This year I was able to share the journey with another family and capture their special afternoon. The Champagne family (which, hold on, can I have that last name?!) was pretty much a dream come true in a beautiful forest of Christmas trees. Every single member of the family is beyond beautiful, sweet and loving.  The children actually smiled and looked at the camera when we did the one picture I call “everyone look at the camera”. This usually happens for me…never. It was actually a pretty chilly and overcast day, but their spirits warmed up the whole session and kept things shiny and bright. I am very excited to share this sweet family’s hunt for the perfect tree with you.
Champagne_0641 Champagne_0621 Champagne_0625Champagne_0628Champagne_0620Champagne_0627Champagne_0630Champagne_0631Champagne_0634Champagne_0619 Champagne_0633 Champagne_0632Champagne_0636 Champagne_0639Champagne_0637Champagne_0638 Champagne_0640 Champagne_0642 Champagne_0643Champagne_0645 Champagne_0646 Champagne_0647 Champagne_0648 Champagne_0649 Champagne_0650 Champagne_0651 Champagne_0652 Champagne_0653 Champagne_0654 Champagne_0655 Champagne_0656 Champagne_0657 Champagne_0658Champagne_0659Champagne_0660

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