We have a 3 month old!

It’s come, fast as lightening, full of giggles and smiles and chubby thighs. Easton is 3 months and we’re SO smitten with this little angel. We are completely biased, but think her blue eyes and squishy figure are just about the sweetest thing we’ve ever laid our eyes on. She started sleeping through the night (in her crib) this past week and she laughed at ME! Full out giggles when I called her “squirmy wormy” and squeezed her thighs. It made me forget every ache and pain and sleepless night. She’s started to be very aware of her surroundings and doesn’t want to eat if anything is going on around us. I’m constantly shushing Donnie when he comes into the room while I’m feeding her because she loves his voice more than anything and refuses to eat if he is near to potentially play with.

We love seeing her recognize us and enjoy seeing her confidence and smiles when we are all together. Although I do hope she eventually shares more smiles with others, right now, I love that when we get her back home from a busy day, she comes out of her overstimulated shell and relaxes and giggles at just us.

We love seeing her light up when we get her up from a nap. Even if she is hungry and crying, she can’t help but giggle the second she sees one of us. It melts our hearts. She does this big gummy smile and then tucks her head over towards her shoulder in this shy, cute, happy way. Ah!

For all those new mommies out there feeling like the “love” feelings haven’t come yet…just hang tight. It took me a while to enjoy this thing. I wasn’t that mom who posted the FB status of “Our hearts just grew by a million” when Easton was born. I did the “action” of loving her and was running on adrenaline trying to make sure she was safe and growing, but it’s so hard in the beginning to feel “in love” (or it was for me). Your body has just gone through hell, you hurt, you have NO idea what you’re doing, you’re constantly crying and have no time to recover because you are trying to keep a baby alive. It’s so hard. I’m so thankful that at three months in, the love “feelings” have finally arrived…all that sacrifice and hard work we invested into this little love has come back at us like a boomerang of a billion heart arrows. There will certainly be countless hard days of trying to figure out why she is so fussy, sleep regressions and exhaustion to come, but I’m trying to enjoy every good and hard time I have with this little growing munchkin because she is a piece of precious pie and I truly love love love her. So thankful God blessed us with the opportunity to be her parents. I’m signing off with some photos we took a couple days ago. ❤ XO-M



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