Naperville Family Photographer / Blackwell Forest

What do you do when it feels like -20 degrees outside, your husband is moving your life, packed in boxes, to the garage in preparation for your move in two days and you are waiting to feed the sleeping baby? You get caught up on blog posts!

I always enjoy capturing family sessions, but I get super inspired and heart eyed emoticonish when they decide to have a fun time with one another and the love they all share is so clearly seen and felt.  I adore this family. I love how much the kiddos giggle and are mesmerized with watching their parents crack up or sneak in a kiss. I love how the boys can’t possibly squeeze their sister tight enough to convey their love and how the littlest is such a Daddy’s girl. My heart was melted the entire time. They are such an amazing example to Donnie and me as we start this parenting endeavor and I’m so thankful for any time I get to spend with them, whether it is taking their photos, watching how they live life or texting for naptime advice 🙂 You guys are so wonderful and you look so good! Seriously…could you make my job any easier?


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