Four months

For a few more days, I get to say I have a four month old and (again) I can’t believe how this month slipped away. We moved to a new home a week ago, so January was  busy and exciting, but also full of tears as I packed up Easton’s first nursery. Our little house was quite the tiny abode. We decided with all the visitors the “first grandchild” (on both sides) status brought us, that it was time to think seriously about moving. Saying goodbye to anything is hard to me, but especially our first real home with a backyard and neighbors we loved in a really great location that gave us such special walks every day. (I love my walks).  More than that, it was the home we became parents in, which stretched us both in many ways. The house will probably be torn down in the next year for a new build, but as I cleaned every room on our last day, I scrubbed each precious inch and just thanked God for all the laughs, cries, memories, and diaper changes we were blessed to share there. 

 I took some photos of Easton in her first room before we packed it up…(and also snapped some of her in that ridiculously cute bunny hat at the end.)

 Four months was fun fun fun! Raspberries, laughs, tracking us around the room, turning around in her crib during every nap, huge smiles, 3 naps a day (9/1/4:30). She may be teething? She grabs for anything she can stick in her mouth. We overcame 3 weeks of a sleep regression during our move (waking 4-5 times a night)…not ideal timing, Easton, but my goodness we love you. She loves to be held upright to see what is going on, still loves the bumbo, smiles whenever we wrap her in her striped, furry blanket. She is starting to laugh at peek a boo. When she nurses, she takes her top hand and draws big circles. When we put her to sleep, she puts her hand on our mouths, especially when when I’m singing. I’m not sure if she wants me to be quiet? Ha! Whatever the reason, I keep singing and kiss those tiny fingers as much as I can. 

 We tried a nap without her sleepsuit…uh, not going to try that again for a while…or at least will wait until boxes are unpacked. 

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