Wheaton Newborn Photographer // Chicago // Welcome Rowan

I am so excited to share these beautiful photos from this family’s session. Newborn sessions always make my heart swell. As a photographer, coming into the session, you walk into this sweet, simple, serene, time standing still sort of day with parents hearts gushing over their littlest addition and everything is so put together and picture perfect. However, from personal experience, I know behind the scenes it takes EVERYTHING to make sure the house is sort of put together and that you have an outfit that fits your formerly pregnant body. Then the baby is up all night and your mind goes in a thousand different directions: “is there makeup anywhere? How am I supposed to feed this child while the photographer is here with my pillows? I shouldn’t have planned this, I’m so glad I planned this, oh – don’t start crying, stay asleep…I need a nap, can I skip photos and just take a nap?”….BUT all the sudden the session begins and somehow, what feels like a complete mess of life begins to turn into a memory and YOU are there, awake, with your new baby who looks perfect in that window light and you just melt.

This family brought back so many memories from my early days of being a first time mom and I’m so thankful they allowed me into a day of their life so they could have these special photos to remember the early days forever. Sweet Rowan has amazing parents who are wonderfully supportive and encouraging to each other. I loved seeing them do such a great job with Rowan (and their pup Jackson).  They make an incredible team and amidst all the newness, you could see how in love they were with one another. These are the good days. Enjoy some of their photos below:



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