Cecilia Makes 5 // Palatine Newborn Session // Chicago Western Suburbs

Little Cecilia, at less than one week old, you are already one blessed baby…two amazing big siblings who adore you and two INCREDIBLE parents who know how to love you and have so much fun as a family of 5. A newborn session says so much to me about a family because let’s be honest, it’s a sweet stage to capture, but trying to navigate feeding, changing diapers and making a little baby content while you have two others jumping around needing snacks and attention isn’t easy. Jamie and Brian are such a great team! Despite what could feel super stressful (a family photo session in the early days of no sleep with a newborn) they laughed, played, relaxed and just appreciated the time as a family. They traded off kiddos seamlessly through the whole session.  They are amazing parents, so intentional with their babes and meanwhile, still manage to look at one another with hearts in their eyes.  You can tell how much their kiddos ADORE them, and they should! I was so impressed. I don’t know how they do it, but they certainly made being parents of three look super easy to me…(meanwhile I’m a hot mess express with just one!)

It was such a sweet day and I felt so privileged to get to know their family and watch their example. I’m always trying to learn from other parents as I do this photography thing and honestly, I could have sat around watching “the incredibles” parent all day long. So much to learn from these professional parents of 3! Enjoy these sweet snaps I got from the few hours I spent with this wonderful family last week.


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