Easton’s First Birthday Party / A Sweet Time

I was so honored to have this party also shared on 100 Layer Cakelet.

For Easton’s party, we wanted to share an afternoon with the friends and family who helped us survive our first year as parents. The whole first year rocked our world in the best of ways and celebrating Easton’s life at her birthday party was pure joy. I am smitten with all things stripes and floral so we went with decor that worked with those elements. I worked on some floral wreaths to hang on the backdrop Donnie built out of bead board. I also got my walnut stain out and white paint pens and went to town making some fun wood signage to place around the space that highlighted her life and different areas. (I would’ve gone to our go-to Sara Vrooman Designs, but she just had her third baby!…So crafting I went! The weeks leading up to the party, my sister, mom, husband and I made all our favorite family cookie recipes: buckeyes, raspberry shortbread, mini cheesecakes, chocolate bottom cupcakes, pillow cookies and chocolate chip cookies.  One of my best, most talented friends has a party goods business (Miss Nibbit) and made the invites, favor bags and tags, black and white signage, cupcake toppers and drink tags for the “big girl” cosmos. We served hamburgers and hot dogs, and traditional midwestern sides, like uber yum, super unhealthy cheesy potatoes, for our backyard BBQ. I thought with all the planning I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Easton’s party, but thanks to our family that came in, and the friends who helped throughout the evening, it was one of the most special days we’ve had with our precious little Easton…and to see her LOVE her cake was hilarious and worth all the love and energy we put into her celebration. 

Bounce House: Fly High Bounce / https://flyhighbounce.com/

Wooden signage: Home Depot and Me

Back drop: Donnie and Home Depot

Floral Wreaths: Hobby Lobby and Me 

Cake: Whole Foods

Cake topper: Let’s Tie The Knot

Cookies: Family

Invitation,Sip Sip tags and bottles,Favor bags and tags,Pour Some Sugar on Me,Sweets and Treats.Cupcake “1” toppers : Miss Nibbit 


Oh- don’t mind our completely morning after – post workout looks. Easton wakes up looking great and photo ready. We take a lot more work…and didn’t put energy into that when I was snagging photos of her the morning after her party. I wish we both looked like her with just the touch of a bow and a cute floral romper. ha!


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