Wheaton Family Photographer // St. James Farm Family Session

We had a beautiful fall evening for this family’s photo session at St. James Farm! Photographing a family with three little ones presents its own set of challenges…every. single. time. Never fails. Always need bribes. With the crazy of a photo shoot, I love when parents just embrace their little ones where they are at and don’t try to make it perfect…(I know I say this regularly, but it is so true.) I appreciated how this sweet family just kept on loving on the kiddos even if it meant enduring some melt downs about grass or rocks in sandals :). Regardless of emotional obstacles for 70% or sometimes the average of 90% of the time, when the parents have fun with it and one another, we still wind up with some beautiful memories…and a few with gummy bears in them. (NOTE: if you are a parent prepping for a family session, remember to love on your hubby well during the session, bring bribes of all flavors, shapes and sizes for those kiddos (you can bribe you spouse too if they struggle with a shoot – I’ll let you be creative). Do whatever you have to do to distract and love on those little love bugs and just keep on smiling.

But back to this beautiful family:

Photographing this crew was a reminder of God’s faithfulness and answered prayers. Looking at these images you’d never know that their littlest munchkin had open heart surgery in June. My heart just broke for her little precious little self, her family, and especially her sweet mama as they had to anticipate the surgery. I can’t imagine having to see your little one on an operating table or just having to live through the turmoil of the what ifs leading up to surgery. Thankfully everything went well and she is doing wonderful!

Thanks for letting me capture these precious moments of your family! You guys are incredible. I loved seeing the kids love each other so well and how you both, as parents, had heart eyes for one another and each individual, beautiful child you brought into this world. You are such an inspiration to all of us trying to do this family thing right. familysession_wheaton_1765familysession_wheaton_1766familysession_wheaton_1762familysession_wheaton_1763familysession_wheaton_1764familysession_wheaton_1767familysession_wheaton_1768familysession_wheaton_1769familysession_wheaton_1770familysession_wheaton_1771familysession_wheaton_1772familysession_wheaton_1773familysession_wheaton_1774familysession_wheaton_1775familysession_wheaton_1776


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