1 1/2 year old portraits // Charleston, SC

Hello again! Well, 29 weeks pregnant with a 1 1/2 year old sidekick…this is why I have been away from blogging photos for a while. Pregnancy is not glamorous for me, the first 17 weeks of this pregnancy I was throwing up all day, ended up in the hospital and finally put on diclegis to help with nausea…which, thankfully, kicked in. My last pregnancy I really couldn’t eat the whole time so it feels like a gift to have an appetite, and a gift I’ve gladly received, every day, to the point of being told to cut back a bit by the doctor. So far I have still been taking pregnancy roadies when I run errands…aka chocolate ice cream. When I’m trying to get back in shape this fall, just remind me of this post.

We usually head back to Charleston once or twice a year to visit our family we left behind when we moved to Chicagoland 4 years ago. It’s so beautiful. I always wish I could take more photos than I do while I’m visiting, but it’s busy with a toddler. We managed to do a 30 minute hustle shoot to capture some shots of Easton and my growing belly. (Despite being a cloudy evening, I still managed to get some photos that brighten my world and also snapped some of my cousin and her growing baby bump, which I’ll blog later.)

Donnie has been working a crazy work schedule and we have about one month left of being lucky to see him for an hour a day. (cue the sigh…we just miss him and the help he is when he’s around). The last time he did this schedule in the fall, I struggled with feeling lonely, so I planned a couple weeks away from home to make the time go quicker. Although the reason of this trip wasn’t intended to be a “girls trip”, I realized how special this week was for Easton and me. I love that we had time as just the two of us before we welcome her little sister this July. My heart is craving quality time that I can just appreciate her budding little personality and life. Thankful that we were given this week to figure out that sand wouldn’t kill us if it got on our feet and that I can, in fact, keep her out to dinner until 10:30pm and still live to talk about it (thank you iphone, Amazon prime video and creepy Daddy Finger video on Youtube that Easton can’t get enough of). I also learned that as long as we have an extra seat next to us on a flight, we are good. Won’t be booking her as a lap child anymore…especially at 28 weeks pregnant. What was I thinking? blah blah blah, Ok, I’ll stop writing and just post some pics: (Special thanks to my cousin Heidi who snapped the photos of Easton and me). easton_charleston_1795easton_charleston_1789easton_charleston_1792easton_charleston_1793easton_charleston_1791easton_charleston_1801easton_charleston_1797easton_charleston_1788easton_charleston_1804easton_charleston_1794easton_charleston_1790easton_charleston_1798easton_charleston_1796easton_charleston_1799easton_charleston_1787easton_charleston_1800easton_charleston_1805easton_charleston_1802

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