Wheaton Newborn Photographer // Welcome Etta

Oh my goodness. I cannot get enough of sisterly love lately and Winnie and her new baby sister, Etta, are my newest obsession. Being friends with Caili, I got a sneak peak of a video of Winnie meeting Etta at the hospital and offering her A DONUT (melt me) the first time she held her newest family member. Caili and I met through a mutual friend a few years ago and were fortunate enough to have one another through our very first pregnancies. We were just 1 week apart and our text messages probably should have been made a book for other first time expectant mothers (who are photographing weddings too late into their pregnancies). It would be filed under comedy…or something like that. When my first was 5 weeks old and freaking out, Caili literally took a picture of every single page of BabyWise and made a shared album for me in the middle of the night (which I finished before morning) in an effort to figure out how to get Easton to sleep. Going through pregnancy and postpartum with Caili around was a big help because I really admired her natural intuition and knowledge she had and so appreciated learning about new tricks she was trying. I trusted her. We didn’t time our second pregnancies together, which was actually sort of sad (for me) to not have my texting buddy. However, after last week I’m SO glad we didn’t have newborns at the same time because it meant I was out of the fog enough to meet and document her SWEET, SWEET Etta! (And I got to hug the one and only Winnie again who I could squeeze and listen to all day long). Getting to document the four of them was such a sweet time for me. I loved getting to watch Neil be attentive to and love on his ladies (and watch them all ADORE him right back) and witness the sweet calm that is Caili in the midst of what I know can be chaos in those newborn days. They can keep having babies as far as I’m concerned. They get an A+++ for all things baby, toddler, and looking good while doing it. I’m super impressed by anything this fam does. Loved getting to soak up some hours with all four of them in their beautiful new home. I hope you enjoy some of these sweet moments below.


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