Glen Ellyn Family Photographer // Morton Arboretum // Fall Family photos

I met this family through a mutual friend almost 5 years ago when we moved to Chicagoland. Through facebook and instagram I’ve been able to watch their resilient, inspiring, and powerful story unfold as they’ve journeyed into parenthood.  Their strength through one of the most painful experiences one could only try to imagine has been inspiring to say the least. They have become major advocates for paid family leave (thank you, thank you, thank you) and their story is featured in a documentary called “Zero Weeks.” Anyways, all that to say, you look at this beautiful family and the amount of infectious joy that oozes from them instantly fills you with the warm and fuzzies. I instantly fell in love with their sweet, beautiful and “hilarious” (which is in her vocabularly) little girl. What a gift to have had them move out to the suburbs and an honor to capture their loving, spirited and joyful family dynamic! The love and support they have for one another is palpable. My heart feels so many emotions just thinking about them, what they’ve endured and overcome and how they’ve used their experience to work towards making a difference. Their little girl is a shining light and after hearing her speak one sweet and funny sentence, you know her future is as bright as they come. Loved getting to snap some photos a few weeks ago during our time at Morton Arboretum and I hope you enjoy this glowing glimpse into the love they share.


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