Wheaton Newborn Photographer | Alfy is here.

Getting to take pictures of couples who’ve just welcomed their first baby home is always a very sweet experience. I love the quiet and calm that comes when those teeny tiny newborns are sleeping. It’s also true that nothing beats the joy of getting to take pictures of my own newest family members. My amazing sister and brother-in-law, who I adore, are rocking their days as first time parents. They are so supportive, selfless and do an incredible job taking care  of one another. Their love for their little Alfred is contagious. He is such a blessed boy to have them as his parents. They are confident, patient, calm, happy and full of wisdom.. It was precious to watch them interact and think of the other one first as they navigated the long days. I’m proud of them, excited for the example Alfy has in them and thrilled to have another little angel baby in the family!  I was able to meet my perfect little nephew the week before Christmas and then had the chance to go spend a couple days with them in Michigan to help…ALONE, which felt like a mini vacay. I loved getting to snuggle Alfy. give him some bottles and snap some photos. He did a great job modeling…because he’s perfect. hah!  I can’t wait for all the memories that lie ahead of us.


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