Welcome Atlas

I spent some time thinking about what combination of words I would use to write about this family that is overflowing with such  raw and genuine beauty, joy, insane creative genes, strength, boldness, daring, brave souls, love and calm amidst the wild and free. They bring endless joy to the lives of others, celebrating the beauty in life, complete with perfectly strung ball lights. And while all these qualities can feel big, beautiful and outside the lines of normal folk normalcy…their home, their hearts, their family is all perfectly strung together and grounded deep by their mighty unwavering love and wisdom that is rooted in their faith and hope found in Jesus. Daily I’m inspired by them, learning from the ways they parent and instruct their littles’ hearts. It’s clear why this beautiful boy, Atlas, made it past the questions of having a third. I can only imagine the great things God has for his life as he is shaped by and follows the example of the other four souls in his home. It’s a true honor and privilege to photograph this family I am blessed to live right next door to. Atlas, speaking for the four of us over the fence, we can’t wait to watch you grow, hear your laughs, see what God has for you and fill your belly with too many popsicles at dinner time when we are trying to survive witching hour. You’ve been blessed with the best family and we are so happy you’re here!

Welcome to this crazy and beautiful world, Atlas. You are so loved.


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