My name is Meagan Hudak and I’m a portrait photographer living in Wheaton, Illinois and I LOVE escaping the cold in the winter for photo sessions!

I have been photographing families since 2013 and my love for it grows with each shoot. The photos I love the most are the ones that capture how families feel – I love when I’m editing and I just start laughing at a picture or WITH a picture. I might direct people in a certain way, but then I really am waiting for it to fall apart so that the natural moments happen and I can snap away at that. So if your kid(s) is a little CRAY, let’s just work with it! I always try to encourage families to have fun  and I’ll let you know if I want you to look at me…otherwise, get into each other!  Kids are kids, I get it…I have two and one is super easy to work with (unless it’s our day for family portraits) and the other one…well, I mostly have photos of her running away from me. I don’t judge…I know that parenting is hard and that kids are their worst on a photo day. It’s just how it goes. So PLEASE let’s just get that out of the way. I will do my best to just go with the flow and be flexible to make sweet memories happen.

Aside from all that, I’m a girl who loves neutral naturals, whites with blush tones and muted blues, I love interior design, I love having dance parties with my girls and husband in the kitchen, I volunteer on a leadership team for my church’s Care Center (we serve those in need of support, hope, prayer, food, etc.) and feel so blessed that I am able to spend time there when I’m not being a parent or photographing clients. I’m passionate about learning and growing, I want to be better with each session. I live in Illinois because we love our friends like family…otherwise we’d be living on a beach, no questions asked. I love getting to meet new clients and photograph regular clients. So holla at me and let’s turn this convo into learning more about you! XO-M

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