Kelly | Outerbanks, North Carolina

Last week, I went with my husband’s family to the Outerbanks in North Carolina. Kelly is my sister-in-law and regular model for me when we get together. It worked out perfectly because I just got a new camera body I needed to play with. I love photographing by the water. It’s always so calm, refreshing and natural. An ocean vacation suits Kelly well with her curly beach hair and glow from a day in the sun. We had such a great time taking multiple walks on the beach every day. So many good talks and giggles. Love this wonderful lady. XO.

outerbanks_0125outerbanks_0120outerbanks_0119outerbanks_0121outerbanks_0122   outerbanks_0124outerbanks_0143outerbanks_0123

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