Chicago Newborn Session | Wheaton Newborn Photographer

I’m getting my fill of newborns lately and I’m A-Okay with it all! Little Parker was exceptionally snuggly and chill and made this session a dream. His parents are sweet as can be and already seem to know his little personality, wants and needs so well. Being around this little guy made me think I could do it all again tomorrow. It’s true you forget about the sleepless nights (and everything else)…especially when you hold a scrumptious little love like Parker. But who needs my words to convince anyone about why newborns are so sweet when you have a beautiful family below to show you. parker_1328parker_1319parker_1318parker_1317parker_1320parker_1322parker_1331parker_1332parker_1329parker_1326parker_1325parker_1323parker_1324parker_1327parker_1316parker_1315parker_1314parker_1311parker_1313parker_1312parker_1321


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