6 Month Portraits // Harvey

My brother and sister-in-law know how to make one cute babe. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would have gotten some serious baby fever because Harvey is 6 months and 6 months is my favorite age for babies. They are happy, content, on a schedule and can’t really move or complain (hah!). That said, every stage with my own girl quickly becomes my favorite stage, but mom’s of toddlers have to totally appreciate the blanket bound babe who can’t say “no”.  I was home in Ohio last month and Easton and I got to hang out with her very first cousin, Harvey. Of course, we had to do a quick session because those chubs won’t last forever and who doesn’t want to stare at those crystal blue eyes all day?! I hadn’t seen this sweet boy since Christmas and loved how smiley and snuggly he was. Josh and Carrie know how to make him squeal with laughter, it’s so fun to watch. They are doing such a great job, love that they are loving it so much! It’s fun to have siblings finally entering the parenting stage with us and that Easton gets cousins to play with. Donnie and I are both from families with 4 and 5 kids so I’m counting on not having to be pregnant every other year and still getting to enjoy lots of little squeals from those little voices. Lots of fun awaiting these kiddos at family get togethers. Hope you enjoy some of these snaps of this adorable family…I’m admittedly totally biased.


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