Eisley // Wheaton Newborn Photography

In February, we moved to Wheaton, leaving behind a street filled with children laughing and playing all day to a quieter street with not many kiddos in sight. A month and a half ago, God answered our prayer for some neighbors with little ones, right next door, with this family. Their sweet Eisley was born a few weeks ago and I loved getting to spend a morning getting to know them more while I captured this new chapter of life. Eisley is such a good baby. It’s been a treat to see her grow a little bit already and I am wildly impressed with how the Smith’s have managed the newborn stage. Even while having a newborn and two year old (who is very smart, curious, busy and quite the wonderful climber) they remain nurturing, fun, collected and calm. I’ve added them to my list of families I can watch and learn from.

If you follow me on instagram, I wrote this with a post this morning (but it’s so true, I have to repeat): One thing I love about photographing a newborn or family session with an almost two year old is how real it keeps the session. Two year olds only know how to live in the moment. They aren’t conditioned to standing still or forcing a fake, awkward smile. (Although, popcorn does help keep them in one place for a minute or two). They keep everyone candid and literally on their game (Steve caught a flying toy drill headed directly for Eisley’s face, that Sara had already covered with her quick mom reflex. Y’all…these two are Super parents!)  There isn’t much parents can do during a session to keep these creative little souls engaged unless they step into their world. Steve and Sara did just that! They balanced letting him be little, loving him as he is at this stage, all while keeping everyone safe through the whole session and lovingly redirecting his energy when needed.

Oh, and their amazingly styled house? It was quite the fixer upper 1 1/2 months ago…they are such visionaries and have been working so hard to pull all the pieces and parts together. I left wanting to paint everything in my house white. It looks so good! In less than a month they moved in, painted, furnished and styled this home that belongs in a magazine…oh, and right…they had a baby two weeks after they moved in, too. Enjoy some snaps from my session with the Smith’s and their newest little, Eisley Skye.



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