Wheaton Family Photographer | Fabyan Forest Preserve

Caili and I became friends back when we were both still on the DL about being 7 weeks / 8 weeks pregnant with our first girls. We texted every day throughout our pregnancy journey and she even screen shot the entire Baby Wise book to me during a night feed when Easton was 5 weeks old (and I was losing my mind not knowing what I was doing.) It’s been such a gift to have this mom/photographer friend to try and navigate mom life and our photography businesses. She’s a brilliant business gal, super smart, so incredibly talented (you should see her paintings and outfits she’s sewn for her girls), and her kids are screen free…(for the record…mine are not. I only say that because it’s a sign of how much energy and creativity this talented gal has!) I have always loved her photography so it has been so humbling to photograph her family now a second time. I can’t wait to find out what she’s hiding in that cute baby bump of hers and meet and snuggle him or her! Thankful to know this sweet, smiley, brilliant and fun family. Caili and Neil, you two are rocking this parenting thing. You are precious together and I just love seeing the love, patience, spunk and smarts you have that trickles down to your two (almost 3) beauties.  What blessed babes you have! Keep having lots more of these little ones because they add so much light to this world! ❤


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